Meals for all occasions delivered in the Cincinnati area
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Fresh Healthy Meals
for Your Loved Ones

Dawson Cooking Co. meal deliveries make it easy for you to order a healthy meal for you or a loved one without worrying about shopping, prep, or cooking!


It's never been easier to send a loved one a freshly cooked meal when they are unable to shop or cook for themselves.

Delicious & Fresh

Imagine restaurant-level quality meals from the comfort and convenience of your own home - made with fresh, healthy ingredients.

Made with Love

Discover a taste that speaks for itself! Chef Dawson combines her culinary training with passion for cooking to bring people together without the hassle of cooking.


Order what you're craving from our variety of meals. Have a dietary restriction? Let us know in your order notes.

How it Works


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Place your Order

Place your order based on the number of meals and serving sizes needed. Pick a date and time when you would like your order delivered.

Receive at Your Doorstep

We hand deliver fresh, homemade meals directly to your door. No pickup or driving required.

Reheat & Enjoy

Each meal comes with simple, easy-to-follow reheat instructions so you can have dinner hot and ready in mere minutes.

Don’t Like to Waste?

Neither do we!

We pack and deliver our food in your kitchenware, so you never have to worry about tossing single-use packaging.

Our vision is to bring people together without the hassle of planning, shopping, prep and cooking.

Welcome to Dawson Cooking Co.

We believe in making dinner deliciously simple. Dawson Cooking Company delivers fresh, home cooked meals. Our talented chef, Tiffiny Dawson, and her staff will prepare food with love and care, ensuring a delicious and hassle-free dining experience. Choose from our variety of options to create the perfect meals to send to your loved ones. With Dawson Cooking Company, dining in never tasted so good!

Credit: Tara Lynn Holman Photography

Satisfied Customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Glad you asked! Dawson Cooking Co. believes in making dinner deliciously simple. We are a meal delivery service that works in the Cincinnati area. Our service makes it easy for you to order meals for you or a loved one without the added hassle of shopping, chopping, and cooking. With Dawson Cooking Company, make dinner one less thing to worry about. We provide complete, nutritious, made from scratch meals that are easy to reheat and delicious to enjoy.

We currently deliver in the Cincinnati area. If you have a specific question about your exact location, please reach out to us.

Delivery date and time can be selected during the checkout process.

While we craft our menu creatively with plenty of options for everyone to enjoy, we can allow for modifications in the event of allergy or serious dietary restriction. Be sure to discuss this on your intro call so we can make sure we can accommodate you.

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