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At our dinner table, everybody is invited
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For the Love of Dinner

Studies show that having dinner together is an integral part in fostering relationships between partners, friends, and family. Life events and challenges often prevent such togetherness, but now you can share home cooked meals with those you care about and wish to support.

Say goodbye to frozen pizzas, mediocre carry out, and fast food. Send lovingly-created, chef-prepared food instead!

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Our Promise

At Dawson Cooking Company, we believe that dinner is a time to relax, unwind, and take a moment for yourself. Dinner, therefore, should always be fresh, complete, easy, and most importantly, delicious. We create each dish with you in mind. It’s important that our dinners are nutritious, satisfying, and easy to reheat. That way, you can spend more time on what matters without forgoing the most important meal of the day.

Meet Tiffiny Dawson

Dawson Cooking Company is a Cincinnati-based home cooking and catering service that believes in making dinner deliciously simple to heat and eat. With a culinary arts degree and lifelong passion for cooking, Tiffiny Dawson founded Dawson Cooking Company as a way to help busy families enjoy freshly cooked meals without the hassle or pressure of shopping, planning, or cooking. With a blend of comfort and variety, Dawson Cooking Company ensures that dinner will never again be a dull affair.

Credit: Tara Lynn Holman Photography

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Take the guesswork and time out of weekly dinners. We’re excited to talk to you.

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